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Comfortable, healthy and sustainable homes

We help homeowners and architects build high performance homes using best-practice building science. Whether you’re building new, renovating or just keen to make low cost improvements to your home we can help.

Expert advice

Our services

We do science. We provide technical advice for homeowners, builders and building designers to build or renovate beyond the building code all the way up to the Passive House standard.


Passive House

Passive House is the most comprehensive and rigorous building performance standard, and ensures a comfortable, healthy and durable home.


Bespoke advice

We can review plans from your architect or building designer and provide advice on design and components that could make a huge difference to your home.


Thermal modelling

We develop thermal models of homes using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), undertake thermal bridge analysis and hygrothermal simulations.


Incremental improvement

We provide advice on low cost ways of improving comfort in your home and reducing your energy bills.



Building efficient, healthy buildings isn’t about speculation, anecdote or opinion. It’s science. No conjecture required. We do the science so you can enjoy a comfortable, healthy home.

About me Passive Analytics is run by Dr Cameron Munro. Cameron is an engineer with a PhD in aerospace engineering and has spent his career developing computer models to help design better transport in cities. He’s passionate about bring analytical rigour and best practice science to building heatlhy, comfortable and sustainable homes.
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